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Those are the core values encompassed by #BePhierce.

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Phierce Marketing Ideals

Phierce Marketing is built on integrity and transparency. Relationships are built on trust, and we make an effort to start that foundation in our first call. We work hard for our clients and are always open and honest. So, if you’re looking for someone who will tell you want you want to hear and make your numbers look good (even if they aren’t), we aren’t the team for you.  We do the work to provide you with real results. Your success is our success!

Effective marketing requires strategy and implementation and measurement. Phierce Marketers are always chewing on data and strategizing how to optimize your marketing efforts. It is never a one-and-done. A marketing strategy is almost a living, breathing thing, in that it is constantly changing. At Phierce Marketing, we are there at each new step, challenge, and opportunity to help you grow.

Meet the Phierce Marketers

Phaedra Perkins

Phaedra Perkins has been solving problems brands didn’t know they had for over 20 years. Her vast knowledge and experience of the marketing industry began before the digital age and she found herself ahead of the curve at every development turn. She has successfully created and marketed several of her own businesses throughout her career. She works with brands large and small to achieve their growth and revenue goals utilizing a common sense approach that often goes overlooked by other agencies and marketing professionals.

Phaedra has assisted companies in the B2B, B2C and eCommerce realms. Some of Phaedra’s accomplishments include:
Tripling revenue, securing new talent and defining a solid direction and streamlined process for an up and coming marketing firm
Author of LinkedIn Marketer’s Blueprint

In addition to Marketing Strategist, Phaedra’s career has included titles such as Podcaster, City Chamber President, eCommerce Educator and Keynote Speaker. She has facilitated events around the country including Atlanta, Las Vegas Tulsa and Kansas City; and in her local market including Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA.
Her most successful event was a social media workshop where she presented “LinkedIn – The Million Dollar Click” to a standing-room-only audience providing attendees with step-by-step techniques to get the most from their LinkedIn presence.

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Rachel Totten
Digital Marketing Director

Rachel Totten is a creative and eccentric digital marketing strategist with over 10 years of experience in various industries. She is forward-thinking and passionate about improving internal processes and customer experiences while driving revenue for her clients. She lives by the Golden Rule and is a firm believer that Teamwork makes the Dream Work. Taking a people-first approach, Rachel puts an emphasis on building authentic relationships with her clients, coworkers, and community.

Rachel has experience as a B2B and B2C digital marketer and lead generation strategist in a myriad of industries ranging from food service/hospitality to financial service. She’s helped brands establish a marketing presence, build social strategies, increase sales and ROI, and more.

When she’s not building brands and relationships, Rachel enjoys discovering new places and things in her hometown, Chicago, playing volleyball and Euchre, and spending time with her pets, friends, and family.

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